Why Don’t I Have a FICO Credit Score?

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September 24, 2021
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Why Don’t I Have a FICO Credit Score?

Credit invisibility is a big problem in this country. For those who are unaware, credit invisibility is when a consumer does not have a credit score. In fact, there are millions of consumers here in the United States that do not have credit scores. When it comes to financial success in our capitalist society, credit invisibility presents a serious obstacle that can be difficult for many to overcome.

When you consider how much of an impact credit can have on your life, you start to look for ways to break out of this credit invisibility.

Today, we’re going to look at a few reasons as to why you might not have a FICO score.


Minimum Credit Scoring Criteria

It is worth noting that all of the credit bureaus use slightly different scoring models. They all have different requirements as well depending on the scoring model they use.

For the FICO scoring model, there is a very specific set of criteria when it comes to scoring.


You Must Have At Least One Undisputed Tradeline

A credit report account is referred to as a tradeline. A tradeline can be anything from installment loans to credit cards to lines of credit. There are other items that you will find on your credit report as well, including inquiries, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, and collections, which are not considered tradelines.

A tradeline may not be disputed for it to be included on the FICO credit scoring model.


Your Undisputed Tradeline Must Be No Less Than Six Months Old

To accurately predict your defaulting likelihood, the credit bureau will need at least six months of your credit history to analyze. Credit scores are meant to analyze old data to make new predictions. If the credit scoring model is only working with a few data points, it may be more difficult for them to predict your credit risk.

In essence, the less information that you have available, the harder it can become for lenders.

Why Don’t I Have a FICO Credit Score

Why Don’t I Have a FICO Credit Score


Your Credit Report Must Have Activity From the Past Six Months

It is important that you have at least one undisputed tradeline from the past six months on your credit report in order to meet this requirement. No worries, however, as this can be the same tradeline that qualified you for the two criteria above. The important thing is that the information was updated in the past six months.


Want To Boost Your Credit Score?

Now that you have a better understanding of the FICO credit scoring model and why you might not have a credit score, it is time to get yourself on the financial map.


One of the major ways in which people seek to potentially boost their credit scores quickly is by purchasing authorized user tradelines. To get the most out of a tradeline, however, you must have an understanding of why you are choosing to purchase one.

Here at Personal Tradelines, we help all kinds of people increase their credit scores with the use of authorized user tradelines. If you’re interested in learning more about how tradelines can help you, make sure to drop us a line.