Best Places To Buy Tradelines

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August 10, 2019
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August 15, 2019

Best Places To Buy Tradelines

Many people often ask us,


“Where is the best place to buy tradelines?”


Before we hop into that, let’s make sure you know what Tradelines are. Thanks to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974, it became law that all authorized user accounts had to be reported to credit agencies, meaning agents had to use them to determine someone’s credit.


It seems as though there are hundreds of different companies buying and selling tradelines these days. Let’s go through what makes them such a useful tool for growing credit and where you can go to purchase them.


How Do Tradelines Work?


Best Places To Buy Tradelines

Best Places To Buy Tradelines

Tradelines work because of authorized users. Authorized users are individuals that are legally allowed to use other people’s credit lines to help advance their own credit scores. Creditors will then provide bureaus with authorized user accounts without any additional info as to who you are. Essentially, you don’t have to be a spouse to make this work.


Can Tradelines Boost MY Credit Score?


The complete answer varies from person to person, though there is one answer that we can give you definitely. Your credit score will see an increase if you purchase a positive tradeline and meet your positive-credit criteria, such as paying off your bills on time. If you have negative marks on your credit score, the effectiveness of a tradeline won’t be as great.


With that said, tradelines are best for those who are just taking off on their credit journeys. They have the ability to take thin credit scores and add serious weight to them quickly.


What is the Best Place To Buy Tradelines?


There are hundreds of companies that buy and sell tradelines out there. It is up to you to find one that you are comfortable working with, one that has a variety of different tradelines to purchase for your specific needs, and one that works quickly to add tradelines to your credit score without wasting time. There is nothing worse than dealing with a mismanaged tradeline company.

At the Personal Tradelines you’ll find hundreds of different seasoned tradelines with various ages, limits, companies, etc.


Why Should I Buy a Seasoned Tradeline?


When looking to add a tradeline to your credit report, we recommend looking for one that has been “aged” or “seasoned”. Essentially, this means that the tradeline (or account) has been in good standing for a long period of time. Let’s say that a seasoned tradeline has had a perfect payment history for 24 months. If you were to add that line to your report, you’d see a drastic increase.



We hope that our seasoned tradeline article has been helpful in giving you a better idea as to where you can purchase legitimate tradelines. Seasoned tradelines are the best tools out there to help boost your credit score quickly. Make sure to research the company that you want to purchase your tradelines from so that you can have confidence in your protection.