Building Credit Benefits Anyone Who Invests The Time

How To Maintain a Good Credit Score
July 2, 2019
How Much Does a Tradeline Cost?
July 5, 2019

Building Credit Benefits Anyone Who Invests The Time

Know The Best Ways To Have Good Credit In 2019

The ideal scenario is for everyone to maintain their credit score and avoid having to do damage control. Sometimes that’s easier said than done especially in today’s economic climate. The best things to ensure a credit score that doesn’t require repair is to do things like establishing a reputation for paying bills on time, not tapping in to every bit of credit just because it’s available, and staying on top of errors or fraud so they can be disputed as issues arise. Even the most vigilant person can still run into problems like an unexpected job loss, big expense at a bad time, or an unpredictable economical downturn. 

Building Credit Benefits Anyone Who Invests The Time

Lets talk about ways to redeem a score in the event that it takes a hit. Some of the top ways to get a boost are adding healthy tradelines. A tradeline is just indusry terminology for a line of credit. This can be a utility account, a credit card either secured or unsecured, car loans, personal loans, and basically anything that requires an account be set up and payments be made on time. Here are some of the more helpful for the purpose of upping a downed score:

  • Request credit for bills paid monthly. Surprisingly this is something not a lot of people know anyone can even do. While not all utility companies will oblige a request to report payment history, many will and it offers a decent boost, especially on aged accounts.
  • Get authorized user status on someone with a good credit ratings account(s). Be sure if this is the chosen route to do so only if the person can be trusted not to do more damage to an already problematic credit score. This can hurt both parties if everyone involved isn’t completely responsible and mindful that if one person fails everyone is affected.
  • Get a secured credit card—while it does take an initial investment, it’s worthwhile in the long run. The initial investment is also still the investors to spend so it’s a win/win.
  • Use a Personal Tradelines service where you can access exclusive lines of credit by investing in access to aged tradelines. These are coordinated by professionals to post to major credit bureaus in roughly two weeks after they are reflected on the aged accounts statement.

Any or all of these can be used to accomplish a boost to good credit or a much needed boost to a less than perfect score.  The best wholesale tradelines to build credit are those that are established, aged, and paid on time. 

As with most things in finance, anyone who doesn’t have basic knowledge of how things work might do better seeking help from the pros. The team at would be happy to answer any questions to help anyone in need of a credit clean up get the answers they need and take the steps required to achieve their credit goals.