How Long Do Tradelines Take To Post

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April 6, 2018
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June 22, 2019

How Long Do Tradelines Take To Post

The answer to the question of how long a tradeline will take to post to your credit report depends on a few things. The first factor in the equation is the fact that the information isn’t reported by the account holder but rather the bank. The second is that it will depend on the tradeline or account type. Generally speaking, a tradeline will be reported by a company withing 4-10 business days, at which point reporting is in the hands of whatever bank is handling the account on the back-end. Generally speaking, big name accounts such as Bank of America and Discover report quickly, and on the first billing cycle. This is fairly standard, although some accounts such as American Express will report after two cycles so it’s not an exact science. A great option is to find a reputable wholesale tradelines service such as where the team is able to coordinate the process seamlessly, therefore ensuring that positive boosts to your credit score happen in a timely manner.  Our tradelines can meet important guidelines and criteria that ensure that you get the results you need to get your credit in order.

How Long Do Tradelines Take To Post

A tradeline is just industry terminology for a credit account. Simply put, if you have any credit account.

You have a tradeline on your credit report. They come in different forms such as

  • Mortgages
  • Payday Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Credit Cards

and even some things many people don’t even realize you can add to your credit such as utilities and rent which you can request be reported to give your credit a boost.

Any business offering a line of credit takes your tradelines into account when determining if you qualify for an account with them based on industry or their own standard. Each account you have or had in the past tell a story or rather history in regards to your ability to be a good buyer. A business will offer you or decline to offer you a line of credit with their business based on what they see on your report.  The tradelines on your credit report will tell creditors if you are good for the amount you need based on your history of repayment on any open or previously existing accounts. Adding a positive tradeline to your report is always a good thing and will ultimately help you and your overall credit rating.

The best approach with anything regarding your credit and beefing up your score is to know how it works, make a plan based on your overall goal, and partner with a company that can help.  Obviously the best course of action is to have quality history of consistent payments towards any lines of credit associated with your score. If you have a good history of paying off debts you are more than likely not in need of the boost you stand to gain from utilizing a tradeline service.

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