How do credit card trade lines work
July 12, 2017
What are Seasoned Trade Lines ?
July 24, 2017

How To Buy Tradelines

What are trade lines?

Trade lines is simply account records that are featured in the credit report. It can also be defined as an account recorded on a credit report. This may include a variety of credit sources ranching from credit cards, mortgage, or credit from financial institutions. It defines the consumer’s accounts status and activity. It compromises names of various businesses where the applicant has financial records, credit limits, date accounts were opened, balance owed, payment history, and types of balances.

Do adding trade lines help boost credit score?

How to buy trade lines

How to buy trade lines

Adding a trade line is a process through which individuals can get a chance to purchase aged old credit lines with the purpose of boosting their credit score. This process can best be done by piggy bagging off the accounts in good standing. This is possible because the creditors have the mandate of furnishing all information to the credit bureau of an individual listed as a certified user on any given trade line.

Different Types of  Trade lines

There are different types of trade lines where they include installments, auto, mortgage, revolving, and others. The most popular of these is the revolving trades line where many accounts and individuals have. It can prove to be very difficult to get a credit for someone with a credit problem. Seasoned trade lines are there to help people of this sort in order to raise their credit worth. This can be done by purchasing a trade line. There are various companies and sites selling trade lines. This will be the best tool as it will assist in impacting credit score in order to achieve the highest scores. This will expand the young credit file or help in lowering the debt to credit ratio in the credit reports.

Trade lines help individuals

Trade lines help individuals to achieve their credit goals and get a chance to access credit from various financial institutions. By purchasing a trades line, an individual becomes an authorized user on an old account with remarkable payment history that could substantially improve his/her credit score.