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December 17, 2019
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January 4, 2020

Top Tradeline Myths

Every positive has a negative. While the Tradeline industry has been helping people boost their credit scores and add positive information to their credit reports for many years now, there is still quite a bit of negativity surrounding the whole thing. We are here to educate the public on how tradelines work, as well as how the system of credit reporting works.


Of course, there are many rumors and myths floating around the Internet, so we would like to debunk them. Here are the top tradeline myths that you should know about.

Tradelines Myths and Facts

Tradelines Myths and Facts


  1. Tradelines Don’t Work


Back in 2008, FICO said that they would be creating a new credit scoring model to help separate those who were legitimate authorized users on accounts and those who were just trying to work the system in their favor. For many people, the life and times of tradelines were long gone.


What many people don’t know is that FICO was not actually able to go through with their master plan, meaning tradelines are still thriving today. This is because we have the ECOA or Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which helps to keep authorized users from being discriminated against.


  1. Tradelines Are Expensive


One of the most common myths that we see is that Tradelines are Expensive. This is because many years ago, tradelines came at a very high cost, making them available to only those who had lots of money to spend. For some tradeline companies, that idea still rings true. However, for Personal Tradelines, that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve worked to revolutionize the industry and make tradelines more affordable for the common people.


Thanks to our streamlined platform, our costs stay low so that we can provide fair and low prices for all of our consumers.

Myths Busted!


Tradelines as we know them are here to stay! Don’t let major companies fool you into thinking you can’t use them to effectively and efficiently lower your credit score. Tradelines are more affordable than they ever have been and we at Personal Tradelines aim to provide them in the easiest manner possible.


We’ve not only helped to contribute to the lower tradeline prices in the modern industry, but we also provide customers with superb information so that they can feel comfortable buying. If you’re looking for a reliable tradeline source, make sure to look into Personal Tradelines as an option!