When Tradelines Make Sense

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September 26, 2019
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October 19, 2019

When Tradelines Make Sense

If you are in need of raising your credit score as fast as possible, purchasing tradelines might make sense for you. Your credit score can impact your life pretty greatly. Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time to build a good credit history if you’ve never had credit before. In the same way, it takes a very long time to repair credit history that is in bad shape.


Luckily, tradelines allow you to purchase someone else’s good credit history so that you can begin using it right away.

When Tradelines Make Sense


Digging Into Credit Scores


It isn’t news that credit scores can play one of the biggest roles in our major purchasing decisions. People with lower credit scores will have higher interest rates and premiums when making big purchases. They also have a higher chance of getting denied by lenders. Many millions of Americans suffer from poor credit scores, and the repairing process can be an arduous one.


Of course, instead of spending time trying to pay off debt or get rid of credit cards, you could take a quicker route.


“What is this magical route you ask?”


We’re talking about tradelines.


What Are Tradelines?


Tradelines are accounts that appear on your credit report. If someone that has a good credit score adds you as an authorized user to one of their seasoned tradelines (or multiple for that matter), you can take advantage of that person’s credit history. Essentially, purchasing tradelines can quickly increase your FICO score so that you can negotiate better interest rates for yourself, gain better approval on loans, or find approval on rental applications if you are searching for a new place.


The simplest way of thinking about Tradelines is that you are purchasing someone else’s credit. In a way, it is a loophole in the credit system that allows people suffering from low credit scores to turn their lives around quickly.


Purchasing Tradelines


Because of the plague of low credit and the wondrous possibility of boosting credit fast through this loophole, there are many companies that have begun offering people a chance to purchase tradelines in order to improve their credit scores. It’s pretty simple actually.


You pay a fee, you provide the company with your information, and they link you up with a person who has good credit. That person will then add you to one of their accounts as an authorized user. Their positive payment history will in turn raise your credit score.




Of course, as with anything in life, there are scammers out there. You need to make sure that you are buying top-notch tradelines that are likely to boost your credit score. The last thing you want is to spend a bunch of money on a dud.


This is why we recommend heading on over to Personal Tradelines to see a list of Tradelines and speak with professionals who can help you find the perfect match. We hope that we’ve inspired you to turn your credit game around for the better!